Continuing Improvement Actions

The 21st century has been witnessing a paradigm shift in the social role science plays, mainly in the unequivocal need to answer the social claim for evidence-based knowledge to counteract the pressing challenges of our time and to integrate international effort to conduct relevant, complex research programs. The paradigm shift demands the scientific units to be dynamic in continuously re-calibrating their strategies.

The Center for Psychology at the University of Porto takes on the task. Its governance policy commits to refining the relevance and the standard of psychological research, while reaffirming the Center as a contemporary professional scientific environment. We have established Continuing Improvement Actions planned to tackle on central concerns related to scientific production and knowledge transfer. Each Action board is composed by representatives of all of our Research Groups so that the solutions designed capture the particularities of the Groups while are transversal in breadth. The solutions designed are then incorporated by the Governance Board and implemented by the technical staff.

Scientific Production Support

Goal: To improve the quality of the scientific output

Coordinator: Mariana Martins (RCPW)
CND: Ana Luísa Patrão, Liliana Rodrigues
HS: Ana Gomes
NCL: Susana Silva

Funding, Research Projects & Network

Goal: To foster application to and collaboration in research projects and networks

Coordinator: Adelina Barbosa-Ducharne (DE)
CND: Catarina Brandão
DE: Joana Soares
NCL: Rui Alves, Ana Camacho
RCPW: Tiago Bento Ferreira
Research Support Office: Regina Lencastre


Goal: To improve the internal and the external communication actions

Coordinator: Sara Magalhães (CND)
DE: Sofia Guichard
HS: Priscila Campos, Leonor Oliveira
NCL: Teresa Limpo

Open Science

Goal: To promote engagement with Open Science at CPUP

Coordinator: Alessandra Souza (NCL) CND: Jorge Gato, Daniela Leal
DE: Catarina Canário, Carolina Guedes
HS: Mariana Carrito
NCL: Teresa Jacques
RCPW: Tiago Ferreira

Knowledge Transfer

Goal: To improve the visibility and the efficacy of the knowledge transfer actions

Coordinator: Andreia Nunes (NCL) CND: Liliana Cunha
DE: Catarina Grande
HS: Catarina Moura
RCPW: Beatriz Santos

Open Science

CPUP follows stringent guidelines for the transparency, integrity, and rigor of scientific production, and thus encourages a responsible, open and inclusive approach to "science making" wherein the team members are invited to share the:

Research Plans

that is, to share the goals, the hypotheses, the methodology, and the planned data analysis

Materials Employed

e.g., surveys, stimuli, experimental tasks, etc.

Data Inputs

provided they are previously made anonymous

Scripts and Codes

of the tools used to transform, analyze and graph the data

Pre-Print and the Post-Print Manuscript

giving public access to all those looking for scientific knowledge

Other Resources

such as the data management plan, and supporting graphic material used in public communications

Likewise, the center also recommends:

Preregistering the Research Plan

by submitting it to a scientific journal for pre-approaval prior to data collection

Using Data Management Tools and Repositories

such as DMPonline, Open Science Framework, Argus, Zenodo

Exhaustive Description of the Research

providing undisclosed detailed information that enables critical reading and later replication

Conducting Replication Studies

that checks for the reproducibility and robustness of the scientific findings

Publishing Positive & Negative Results

to prevent biases and misleading statistical artifacts

You can learn more about this topic by checking out CPUP's Open Science Action.

CPUP Collective

CPUP Collective is a spin-off of the Scientific Production Action. It is an online database that compiles each team member’s technical expertise and fields of work, and, by doing so, reveals the team’s multifaceted skills.

CPUP Collective  is also a search tool that helps finding CPUP members that best fit your research needs, thus promoting in-house collaboration. If your are looking for peers to share ideas and work with, check out CPUP Collective’s website.