Cross-Cutting Areas

Our Research Projects address multidisciplinary topics ranging several of the American Psychological Association, APA, domains. At CPUP, these domains intersect due to the center’s signature synergy and concern with the social contribution that Psychology can offer. A defining feature of CPUP is thus its strategic cross-cutting research areas. These areas encompass all of our projects and help reveal promising collaborations and venture into new transversal fields still to explore. Bellow you find a diagram of the four main cross-cutting areas and the acronyms of the projects they embraced in 2022. The acronyms are highlighted with the color of the Research Group that head the project, even though several projects are shared by different Research Groups. As you can see, the cross-cutting areas interconnect over several common projects and groups. The diagram also illustrates a subarea devoted to the projects that foresee outreaching solutions. If you want to learn more about our work, please go to Research Projects.