The Center for Psychology at the University of Porto counts with seven well-equipped facilities to implement the research protocols, collect and analyze data. The labs promote and active exchange environment wherein researchers and doctoral students collectively conceive the studies, and scrutinize the data implications to both the guiding theoretical framework and the applied questions addressed.

The Laboratory of Social Psychology was created in 1996 at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto. It is equipped with an online computer network, rooms for group sessions, experimental soundproof boxes, and data collection and analysis software that allow its team to conduct the research projects.
The Work Psychology Atelier was founded in 1996 to refine organizations and businesses by implementing scientific training and intervention as a specialized consultant. Its target topics include occupational health and safety, working hours and task management, leadership and occupational engagement, and sustainable development.
The SexLab is a Portuguese facility on the experimental and psychophysiological research of human sexuality. The lab integrates a worldwide network of alike labs dedicated to this research field. It is equipped with diverse apparatuses to collect behavioral and psychophysiological correlates of the sexual response.
The Speech Lab was founded in 1991 at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences. It is equipped with a speech station, an acoustic chamber for digital recording of speech, and an experimental room that allow conducting research on speech and language. It also counts with apparatuses to record response times, and with software to code procedures and analyze data.
The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Lab brings together researchers from the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences and from the School of Health of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (ESTSP). It also integrates the interdisciplinary consortium Porto Interactive Neuroscience Group (PING), formed by our lab and the Porto Interactive Center of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto.
The Psychotherapy Lab was founded by psychologists and faculty members at the University of Maia, UMAIA. Its main goals are to develop psychotherapeutic research projects and, along with the Center for Psychological Support Services (CASP), to provide counseling and psychological services to adults, children and adolescents. It counts with three rooms for individual sessions, a one-way mirror auditorium, as well as equipment for data storage and analysis.
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