The Center for Psychology at the University of Porto, CPUP, is an international R&D unit committed to scientific excellence. It brings together complementary methods, techniques and expertise to produce world-class fundamental and applied psychological research and promote innovative clinical, educational and social intervention. Its prominence grants the center continuous support from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.

CPUP was created in 1980 with the mission to foster high-quality psychological researcher tuned to the state-of-the-art scientific development and committed to promoting an inclusive society that embraces the well-being of individuals. What drives us is the perennial motivation to overcome the psychological and educational challenges communities face by developing and proposing evidence-based solutions, while providing scientists and professionals prompted by these challenges solid and modern training.

Since 2014, an interinstitucional agreement with the University of Maia, UMAIA, has broaden the scope of action and consolidated a longstanding collaboration among the team members.

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CPUP partners researchers from 31 countries spread across four continents

60 funded Research Projects in 2022

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Aligned with the UN’s appeal for the responsible contribution of organizations and stakeholders to the world and its people, CPUP is committed to the promotion of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The Research Projects contemplate nine of these goals, and set the long-run ambition to better inform public policy and help promote a fair, equal and sustainable society oriented by scientific knowledge.

Board of Directors

Paula Mena Matos

Associate Professor

Univesity of Porto

Joana Cadima

Assistant Professor

Vice Director
University of Porto

Isabel Pinto

Associate Professor

CND Research Group
University of Porto

Orlanda Cruz

Associate Professor

DE Research Group
University of Porto

Pedro Nobre

Full Professor

HS Research Group
University of Porto

São Luís Castro

Full Professor

NCL Research Group
University of Porto

Célia Sales

Associate Professor

RCPW Research Group
University of Porto

Advisory Committee

Alessandra Souza


University of Porto Representative

Tiago Bento Ferreira

Associate Professor

University of Maia Representative

Marina Lemos

Full Professor

Psychology Ph.D. Program Representative

Conceição Nogueira

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Program in Human Sexuality Representative

João Salgado

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology Representative

Carolina Guedes

Ph.D. Student

Ph.D. Students Representative

Catarina Canário


Integrated Researchers Representative

Margarida Rangel Henriques

Associate Professor

Integrated Professors Representative

Tiago Ferreira


Open Science Action Representative

Andreia Nunes

Ph.D. Student

Knowledge Transfer Action Representative

Maria Barbosa Ducharne

Assistant Professor

Funding, Research Projects & Network Action Representative

Mariana Martins

Assistant Professor

Scientific Production Support Action Representative

Sara Magalhães


Communication Action Representative

External Monitoring Committee

Annemieke van Straten


VU Universiteit Amsterdam

Frosso Motti-Stefanidi


National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Manuel Carreiras


Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language

Michael Hogg


Claremont Graduate University


Alexandra Carvalho

Technical Assistant

Leonor Neves

Technical Support

Marilia Carvalho

Science Manager